Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Cara char aqwnya biar bisa chat

Mudah sekalinya caranya

Pertama kita buat acount AQW minimal umur harus 14 tahun
Ke dua setelah kita buat AQW kita buka email kita ke yahoo
Ke tiga buka alamat email n pass buat email dulu
Ke empat setelah buka emailnyananti ada tulisan
dari                          |  Judul
ArtixEntertaiment   | AdventureQuest Worlds New Account
Ke lima setalah di klik nanti ada tulisan
Dear Hero,
Congratulations and welcome to AdventureQuest Worlds! Your free account at www.AQ.com has been successfully created. Enjoy adventuring in world full of fantasy, magic and monsters! We update the game with new releases EVERY week. Your login information is below. Please keep it somewhere safe and never share it with anyone - not even the staff!
Please click on the link below to Confirm the creation of your account. This is how we make sure that you are indeed the person who created this account. By registering your account you will enable locked features on your account and give us permission to email you the official game newsletter so you will be up to date on what new things that the team is building for you. We will never sell or give your email address to anyone else. (We hate spam as much as you do!)

nah di bawah ini nanti bisa di klik di klik aja biar sucses 
nah itu semua caranya gampang kan ^_^

6 komentar:

  1. good
    . kunjungi blog qw jg y

  2. liat blog gw http://bian9dhe.blogspot.com/

  3. gak jelasss gimana sih... jelas umurnya min 13 thn trus gimana cara chat yg btlnya

  4. bang tpi email dri aqw dh saya hapus bang..
    gimana caranya supaya gue bisa chetingan di aqw nh

  5. gan kug susah gk ada conth gambarnya th gan ..